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Our Tours

Discover the incredible beauty of Nusa Penida on one of our exciting tours. Join a local guide who will give you a taste for authentic Balinese life and take you places most tourists never get to see. Feeling adventurous? Explore the island on motorbike. Craving some comfort? Let us transport you by air-conditioned car. From white sandy beaches, to natural springs, from one-of-a-kind temples, to spectacular landscapes, we’ll show you the best of the island, off the beaten track.

nusa penida day trip Professional
We offer professional outstanding service, designed for your comfort and enjoyment.
nusa penida day trip Local
We are a locally owned and operated company, helping to support the local economy.
nusa penida day trip Sustainable
We live on the island and we care about maintaining it, so we travel lightly and consciously, reducing our impact on the land.
nusa penida day trip Customisable
Have something specific in mind? Contact us for custom itineraries.